Shared for the First Time-Her Erotic Cowboys by Liz Adams


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Shared for the First Time: A Paranormal Ménage Romance Boxset
Romance Rebels Publishing
There’s a first time for everything…

Indulge in an exclusive collection of BRAND NEW paranormal ménage romance stories from 9 best-selling authors. Each story takes you on a journey into unknown territory when the characters find themselves in a ménage situation. The thrill of fun and games takes a wayward turn when hearts are involved, and the road to happily-ever-after might prove to be a rocky one. Can these trios find a way to make it work?
Shifters, witches, warlocks and vampires are just a few of the paranormal surprises awaiting you, and only one-click away…



Hannah George is heading for a change. Blackwater Falls represents a dream come true chance at owning her own garage and workshop. As she nears the town, she’s singing her favorite tunes, and witnessing two men exploding into two huge bears. It was that last part that had her driving her 1970 Chevy Camaro into the tree line.

Alpha of the Blackwater bear clan, Ryker Barrett, and his brother Bastian are struggling to deal with Ash, a pain in the ass Alpha wolf with delusions of grandeur. It all goes horribly right when they inadvertently introduce themselves to their mate by shifting in front of her. Their shock turns to rage when they learn that Ash is the reason she’s come to town.

Can they figure out what Ash has planned for the three of them, or will they shift gears too late and end up losing it all?


“Baby, can you hear me?” he asked urgently and was surprised when she turned to look straight at him, and he found himself locked in her gaze. He swallowed hard at how beautiful her eyes were, a dark green that seemed to have flecks of gold through them. She was a true beauty and looking into her eyes made his heart beat faster.

“I’m not your baby,” Beauty replied curtly, her words slurred a little, which was concerning. “Did you just rip the door off my Chevy?”

Bastian looked back at his brother, not sure how to answer, but from the blank look and shrug he got in response, he knew he was on his own. “It was already off its hinges, I just pulled it the rest of the way.”

Beauty’s eyes narrowed. “First, I had already tried to move that damn door, and I know it was wedged in tight. I know you ripped the door off and threw it away like it weighed nothing because I saw you do it. Now, normally that would be weird and I would pass it off as some kind of inhuman strength driven by adrenaline phenomenon or something like that. But not after watching you explode into a bear because having the strength to do that would be normal for a bear. Right? At least I think it would be. And that’s my next question. How did you do that whole exploding into a bear thing? How did you both do that?”

Beauty looked between him and Ryker, and her expression was one of curiosity, not fear as he might have expected, before continuing. “Perhaps someone slipped some magic mushrooms on the pizza I scoffed at lunch time, or I had a stroke in the moments before I drove my Chevy into a tree. Who knows. But I know I saw you explode into bears and fight a group of absurdly huge wolves that then ran off into the forest chased by even more bears.”

“Sweetness,” Ryker said as he leaned in closer. “From the looks of the blood in your hair, you smacked your head pretty damn hard. Perhaps what you think you saw is simply a result of the concussion you no doubt have.”

Beauty nodded as she looked over at Ryker as if she were seriously considering his suggestion. “You could be right, I might be concussed. I mean I do have a headache. But that wouldn’t explain everything away, though, would it? There is still one thing I am slightly confused about.”

Ryker rested a hand on the top of the car to lean into the space where the driver’s door had been and grinned at their adorable mate. “And what might that be?”

She looked up at them, running her eyes quickly over each of them. “If you didn’t explode into bears and then somehow go back to being human again, why did you take the time to remove your clothes before coming to help me?”

Bastian grimaced. He had no answer for that one.

Beauty continued. “Seems to me that if you saw an accident, and were concerned about the driver, that you might want to get to them as fast as possible and see to their safety before pulling your clothes off. Not that I don’t appreciate it, because, well, both of you look like you’ve just stepped off the cover of some fitness magazine and despite the blood, you have bodies a woman could get lost in for hours. Hell, a woman might even consider giving up chocolate for the chance to rub up and down on one of y’all.”

Bastian grinned, damn, she was so fucking cute. “What about both of us?”

He eyes widened in shock. “At the same time?”

He nodded. “Yep.”

“That might be worth giving up chocolate and margaritas.” Beauty blinked slowly and frowned before turning to look over at Ryker. “You know something? I think you might have been right.”

Ryker smiled gently. “About what, sweetness?”

“I think I do have a concussion, and if it’s okay with you guys, I think I’m just going to pass out now.”

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